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0100_005E Story II. - The Argonauts Charles Kingsley

Part VI - What Was The End Of The Heroes

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Then Prometheus answered, the good Titan, whom Heracles had set free from Caucasus, 'I will take your immortality and live for ever, that I may help poor mortal men.' So Cheiron gave him his immortality, and died, and had rest from pain. And Heracles and Prometheus wept over him, and went to bury him on Pelion; but Zeus took him up among the stars, to live for ever, grand and mild, low down in the far southern sky.

And in time the heroes died, all but Nestor, the silver-tongued old man; and left behind them valiant sons, but not so great as they had been. Yet their fame, too, lives till this day, for they fought at the ten years' siege of Troy: and their story is in the book which we call Homer, in two of the noblest songs on earth - the 'Iliad,' which tells us of the siege of Troy, and Achilles' quarrel with the kings; and the 'Odyssey,' which tells the wanderings of Odysseus, through many lands for many years, and how Alcinous sent him home at last, safe to Ithaca his beloved island, and to Penelope his faithful wife, and Telemachus his son, and Euphorbus the noble swineherd, and the old dog who licked his hand and died. We will read that sweet story, children, by the fire some winter night. And now I will end my tale, and begin another and a more cheerful one, of a hero who became a worthy king, and won his people's love.

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