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0100_005E Rinkitink In Oz L. Frank Baum

The Pearl Kingdom

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King Rinkitink occupied a royal guest chamber built especially for his use and seemed in no hurry to leave his friends in Pingaree. The fat little King had to walk wherever he went and so missed Bilbil more and more; but he seldom walked far and he was so fond of Prince BoBo that he never regretted Bilbil's disenchantment.

Indeed, the jolly monarch was welcome to remain forever in Pingaree, if he wished to, for his merry disposition set smiles on the faces of all his friends and made everyone near him as jolly as he was himself. When King Kitticut was not too busy with affairs of state he loved to join his guest and listen to his brother monarch's songs and stories. For he found Rinkitink to be, with all his careless disposition, a shrewd philosopher, and in talking over their adventures one day the King of Gilgad said:

"The beauty of life is its sudden changes. No one knows what is going to happen next, and so we are constantly being surprised and entertained. The many ups and downs should not discourage us, for if we are down, we know that a change is coming and we will go up again; while those who are up are almost certain to go down. My grandfather had a song which well expresses this and if you will listen I will sing it."

"Of course I will listen to your song," returned Kitticut, "for it would be impolite not to."

So Rinkitink sang his grandfather's song:

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"A mighty King once ruled the land --
    But now he's baking pies.
A pauper, on the other hand,
    Is ruling, strong and wise.

A tiger once in jungles raged --
    But now he's in a zoo;
A lion, captive-born and caged,
    Now roams the forest through.

A man once slapped a poor boy's pate
    And made him weep and wail.
The boy became a magistrate
    And put the man in jail.

A sunny day succeeds the night;
    It's summer -- then it snows!
Right oft goes wrong and wrong comes right,
    As ev'ry wise man knows."

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Rinkitink In Oz
L. Frank Baum

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